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We are a non-profit organization whose aim is to inspire the current generations for better linages by supporting all aspects of family life. Through his ministry, our founder Rev. Father Charles Kinyua has over the years established a diverse online Congregation through which we have been able to identify different needs that require urgent and practical intervention for a stable society.

Father CK online congregation which is the key pillar of this foundation offers tremendous support to our initiatives which ensures that the number of our beneficiaries multiplies and the mission outlives the current generation. Our initiatives are inspired by specific challenges that our society is currently facing and which require a well-structured and impactful way of handling in order to offer a lasting and tangible solution.

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Father CK Foundation

Together we can create a progressive community

We strongly believe that we can change the society with your help. You are most welcome to Partner with us.

The charitable give out at
the door, and God puts it
at the window.


Building a moral upright community is one of core mission.


Reaching out to the community using latest online platforms.


We believe in success, hence why we've setup several Biz. platforms online.


Education should be accessible to all. Knowledge is power.

A human person has a soul, spirit, and body. Every soul and spirit must be mentored in intervals to keep it straight to its goals. We the Christians of God can only achieve our highest and truest goals through impactful online and physical (Face to face) mentorship.

Father C.K. provides an online mentorship to different kinds of people across the world. We need to inspire and mentor the people of God through online and physical means. This can be obtained through generous support these programs. We therefore request you to support our mentorship programs to inspire the people of God.

To have a stable and successful online mentorship either in the zoom, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live the approximate cost is Kshs 10,000 per session. Due to COVID 19 protocols, the need for online sessions has risen and most people prefer these platforms than the physical ones.

Emotional battle is not won from the outside but from within ourselves. This means that everybody must be free from depression and stress to overcome tough situations in our day to day lives.

Father C.K. has for a team of great professional counselors who gives counselling to different kinds of people either physically in the office or virtually online.

The foundation is able to offer a very discounted fee per session in order to make it affordable for people from all walks of life.

Many people in the world are tethered to the same place not because that they are less prayerful or they want to but because of lack of access to counselling and mentorship services. However, in as much as these charges are discounted, there is a big number of persons who cannot afford the sessions but have dire need for professional support. We need your support and backup to help people who need psychological counselling so that they can be skyrocketed to the levels of their destinies.

Cost of counselling services: 2,500,…. For an effective counselling program, each individual requires at least 3 active sessions

Father C.K. Foundation has come up with this crucial agenda to sponsor individuals from primary school to university level. So far, the foundation is offering full sponsorship to 25 needy children across all levels of education through the help of our benefactors. In order to achieve our target of supporting thousands of children across the world, we call upon you to join us in offering your generous financial contributions towards this initiative.

Our vision and mission can only succeed if we get charitable and selfless people to help these children.

One of the verses in the bible that motivates us most to help without expecting anything in return comes from (Psalms 41:1) which says that Blessed is he who considers the poor; the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble. When you help these poor children I tell you as a servant of God, you will be delivered from your trouble.

The approximate sponsorship fee per year is KES. 80,000 per student yearly (or KES. 6,000 monthly)
Donated amount will be used to pay school fees & shopping costs among other basic expenses for the students
Fundraising for the people and causes you care about
People we have reached


The Simplest act of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousands heads bowing in prayer
Our Greatest Mission, Vision & Values
Our Mission is to build strong and morally upright communities, which are all-inclusive and offers equal chance for all.
We envision a morally upright and prosperous community that is guided by strong values right from the family roots anchored on the fear of God.
Our thoughts, words and actions are driven by the following core values: Strong and stable families. Equality and a chance for all. Trust, respect and strong code of ethics in the community



Father CK Foundation
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Our initiatives are inspired by specific challenges that our society is currently facing and which require a well-structured and impactful way of handling in order to offer a lasting and tangible solution. We intend to remain committed in transforming lives, building stable communities through our sustainable projects and leave a notable legacy.

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