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Turning Tides Into Success-A story of Hope and Restoration

My name is Samuel Kismir, a fifteen-year-old boy from the outskirts of Oloitoktok Kajiado county. I was born with a bone condition which I have had to live with until recently when I met Father CK Foundation.

All my life, I always wanted to be able to do what other boys of my age do effortlessly. running around, playing football and even doing some personal stuff have always been a struggle.


This really bothered me because at some point I used to think  that I would not amount to anything in life and my biggest scare was losing opportunities and not be able to help my parents and my community. To make matters worse I was “disabled” so most people from my community knew my fate was already settled for and even though they didn’t talk about it, their faces could tell it all.

I used to walk  for extremely long distances  to school. This was a big challenge due to my bone condition  but that motivated me because I strongly believed that all that effort would not go to waste.

Many a times I used to meet my peers going to graze in the morning and they would laugh and mock me for being so determined with education and Still I didn’t give up. Infact it fueled me more to push on.

In 2020,I sat for my national exams and managed to score two hundred and seventy four emerging the best in my school. Due to financial constraints, I could not join high school and so I resorted to taking care of my father’s livestock in the fields as I had lost all hope of going back to school, given that the nearest secondary school that I was to join was extremely far away from home.

The Medical Journey

One day,my father and I embarked on a journey to Oloitoktok Level 4 hospital in quest for medical assistance. I knew that if I had my leg corrected,I would be able to continue with my studies as it was the biggest hinderance together with lack of school fees.

It was at the hospital where I met the team from Father CK foundation. The team was attending to many other children who had different medical conditions. Besides them was a medical van from Cure international.

I walked straight to them and boldly told them my story.

Knee Operation

Through Father CK Foundation and CURE International hospital, I had my knee operation done on April 13th 2022. It was not an easy experience but I was focused on the end goal, which was to get well and embark on my studies.

The team from Father CK Foundation came in handy as they would pay me visits frequently.

They always encouraged me and gave me hope.

The surgery was a success and I was allowed to recover from home. I had regular check-ups at Oloitoktok level 4 hospital and the journey to and from was one of the things that I dreaded the most considering that I was coming from the most interior parts of Kajiado county. I had been instructed to handle that leg with uttermost care by the doctors but Father CK Foundation made sure that those check up trips were  comfortable as they would get me from my home to the hospital and back so I was rest assured that the knee would not be tampered with.

My last check-up at CURE hospital was on 18th June 2022 where some metal was put in my knee. This aided my knee bone get aligned as it had corrected the deformity.

Education Sponsorship

On the 8th-07-2022, Father CK foundation paid me a visit to see how am fairing on after the last visit to the hospital. It was on this day that they offered me a full sponsorship to a boarding high school and promised to cater for my education upto University level.

My dream had finally come true thanks to Father CK Foundation.

Today am enrolled at Ilkisonko Boys Highschool in Oloitoktok town and so far I love the experience.

The school is close to Oloitoktok hospital so every Thursday I go there for physiotherapy exercises

Words alone cannot express the joy and gratitude in my heart for all the hard work ,resources and effort Father CK Foundation has put in just to help me actualize my dreams, all I can say is God Bless you for your good work and I will do my best not to let you down.

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