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Together we can create a progressive community

Our initiatives are inspired by specific challenges that our society is currently facing and which require a well-structured and impactful way of handling in order to offer a lasting and tangible solution. We intend to remain committed in transforming lives, building stable communities through our sustainable projects and leave a notable legacy.


You can volunteer in the following ways under the Education Program:

  • Sponsor a child’s Education through paying full/partial school fees (click here to get more details)
  • Sponsor a child’s Shopping & other basic expenses  (click here to get more details)
  • Sponsor an Academic Institution under our Education Program (click here to get more details)


You can volunteer in the following ways unde the Mentorship/Counseling Program:

  • Create time to interact with young students in learning instituions helping them better their careers
  • Offer face to face or online counseling sessions to our clients (Only available for qualified counselors)
  • On mentorship we welcome creative activities e.g. Team building, creative lessons (Music, Cooking
  • Creative Radio and Video Programs geared towards keeping children engaged and spiritualy and moraly upright e.g. Sunday School Programs (online) e.t.c.


You can volunteer in the following ways under the Medical Program:

  • Recommend to us a health Institution or a program that offers corrective sugeries and health care services
  • Donate a wheelchair or walking aid
  • Fund our medical program 


You can volunteer in the following ways under the Business Program:

  • Offer trainings to Business owners on key aspects in marketing, customer services e.t.c.
  • Sponsor spiritual programs targeting business owners e.g. morning staff fellowships, weekly buisness hour fellowships
  • Sponsor business visits  and talks


You can volunteer in the following ways under the Evangelism Program:
  • Donate your spiritual videos and Audios (both music & inspirational)
  • Sponsor our online weekly mass and daily devotions by Fr. Charles Kinyua (CK)
  • Donate equipment to support evangelism program e.g. Pianos, Drums, Guitors or Mission Vans

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