Father CK Foundation

Our Mission is to build strong and morally upright communities, which are all-inclusive and offers equal chance for all.

Who We Are

Father CK Foundation is a certified NGO registered in Kenya under NGO board of Kenya, with the sole vision
of empowering communities by supporting all aspects of family life. The foundation is the brainchild of Rev. Father Charles Kinyua who through his ministry in Kenya has formed a well-established online Congregation and has been able to identify different needs that require urgent and practical intervention for a stable society. The foundation gives him the platform to directly assist the needy and provide a systematic solution. Family is the foundation of a strong, morally upright and self-sustaining society. The foundation seeks to address the issue of family in a systematic and sustainable manner.

During his tenure as the director of Radio Waumini, Rev. Father Charles Kinyua managed to interact with thousands of couples who were undergoing marital problems, children without school fees, youths who are educated but unemployed and children abandoned due to broken families. He would spare one day per week offering free counselling. The one day per week session however could not cater for the large number of those who needed his guidance. All these issues require a very structured way of handling them in order to make an impact. Father CK Foundation having identified the specific problems, purposes to offer a lasting solution to each. This will in turn result in a morally upright society where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.

Father CK foundation also draws tremendous support from the hundreds of thousands of followers who have subscribed to Father Charles Online congregation. This is a congregation of followers who receive consistent stewardship from father Kinyua through social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, android Apps, online radio as well as interactive websites. In order to achieve a stable society where everyone has a sense of confidence and belonging, the Foundation has articulated its mission and vision statements together with the core values, which define the strategic direction.
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Our thoughts, words and actions are driven by the following core values: Strong and stable families. Equality and a chance for all. Trust, respect and strong code of ethics in the community